Empowering Mental Wellness

With a background in serving major supermarkets, pharmacies, managers, and individuals, I established my own practice in 2017 on a freelance basis.

Drawing from extensive experience since graduating in 2004, I employ a blend of behavioral, motivational, and depth psychology insights in a sustainable and effective manner. Additionally, I utilize nonverbal techniques like CranioSacral sessions to address blockages and hidden traumas, complemented by feedback and homework assignments.

My practice specializes in supporting individuals dealing with burnout, organizational psychology, navigating separations and bereavement, managing panic disorders, phobias, and self-harm. I welcome new clients and provide timely appointments upon agreement.


Safe Healing Space

Experience a confidential sanctuary where your mental health journey is nurtured with care and empathy.


Tailored Sessions

Every session is uniquely crafted to address your individual needs, ensuring a personalized therapeutic experience.


Holistic Approach

We combine psychological theories with alternative methods like CranioSacral therapy to offer comprehensive healing solutions.

Our Vision

To foster mental well-being through personalized, holistic psychological care that promotes growth and self-awareness.

Our Mission

Our mission is to transform lives by providing professional, compassionate support geared towards unlocking inner potential and achieving emotional balance.

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